Akaiva School - Quest 2

Self-defense and the use of magic

The world of Akairavess is huge, in some places still unexplored and dangerous. It’s important that everyone knows how to defend themselves. Whether with fists or magic.


But when, where and, above all, how do you use magic?
In theory, magic can be applied anywhere on Amidan, but within cities it is rather reluctant to use malicious magic against other (innocent) Akairavess. Victims of an attack, of course, can defend themselves in a dangerous situation anytime with magic or physical attacks! (Malicious attacks by the attacker is also considered a criminal offense and can have nasty consequences!) In the wild, you can use your magic carelessly and freely, but you should refrain from wantonly destroying nature and peace. For this reason, Akairavess should be able to control their magic well and know when to use it best!

(In addition to the Akaiva School, where you use magic daily, you can also train in fighting dojo’s and use your magic and apply this to combat dummies.)

  • Task: Draw / write how your Akairavess uses his magic and defends himself against a magical training dummy.
  • Minimum Requirement to Pass the Quest: Min. 2 pictures (at least outlines or sketch with Flatcolor) or mind. 2 sections of text per 500 words. You are also welcome to draw comic pages / comic strips or a longer, coherent story.

Did you complete the quest, send us your contributions privately via DeviantArt or Facebook. If these were approved, you can post them on your pages or in the group!

Do not forget that your Akairavess always has to wear his uniform to complete the quests!

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