Akaiva School - Quest 3


On all continents Amidan's grow and thrive all sorts of plants. Big, small, poisonous, prickly, fluffy ... and much more. In the libraries Aine Og's are already many books of all sorts of plants, but now it's time for your Akairavess to take a close look at a plant !!


  • Task: Think up a plant and its source continents. Draw / Describe the plant, explain their effect on touch and / or consumption and possible potions that you can mix with it. You are also welcome to draw comic pages / comic strips or a longer, coherent story.
  • Minimum Requirement to Pass the Quest: Min. 2 pictures (outlines or sketch with flatcolor) or 2 sections of text per 500 words. One drawing must look like a book page / book on which the plant is pictured (text describes this book / book page).

Did you complete the quest, send us your contributions privately via DeviantArt or Facebook. If these were approved, you can post them on your pages or in the group!

Do not forget that your Akairavess always has to wear his uniform to complete the quests!

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