Akaiva School - Quest 5

Let's get going!

It can always be that one spontaneously needs a thicker sweater for cold continents or a net for catching fish or other small animals. But sometimes you may not even be close to a city or anything like that and you can't buy anything accordingly. What now? Now it is time to work!

  • Task: Have your Akairavess make an item (or clothing) with an material of your choice and show how your Akairavess uses / wears this item!
  • Minimum Requirement to Pass the Quest: Min. 2 pictures (at least outlines or sketch with flatcolor) or 2 sections of text per 400 words. You are also welcome to draw comic pages / comic strips or a longer, coherent story.

Did you complete the quest, send us your contributions privately via DeviantArt or Facebook. If these were approved, you can post them on your pages or in the group!

Do not forget that your Akairavess always has to wear his uniform to complete the quests!

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