Adoption Rules

  1. The Akairavess are a closed species. This means that not everyone can just design an Akairavess. You can get Akairavess or MYO (make-your-own) from Nadi-Chan and VeritasU through a variety of actions (such as Raffle, Auction, OTA, MYO). (On Facebook and DeviantArt)
  2. You must mention Nadi-Chan and VeritasU at least once as creator of the species / design / adoptable.
  3. The adopted Akairavess belongs to you, but not the species / rights of the species! So don't give it out as your own!
  4. You are welcome to create merchandise with your Akairavess, print and sell it. If you want to create a comic with your Akairevess, talk to us in advance !!
  5. If you don't want your Akairavess anymore, please contact the administrators, so that everything else can be discussed! (If the Akairavess is a design by a guest designer / admin, the guest designers / admins have a say in the reassignment of the Akairavess.)
  6. Akairavess, which are created by guest designers or admins, remain at all events within the species / remain Akairavess in any case and may NOT be taken when leaving the group. This applies especially to important Akairavess with certain topics. For example, the series of the Zodiac Akairavess or the Clan Meister etc.!
  7. Akairavess, which were created with a MYO, may be taken when leaving the species, but must necessarily be made to 'normal' OCs! All important AKairavess traits must be removed! You will learn more about this from the admins.
    An Akairavess created with MYO must stay in the species for at least 3 months.
  8. You can't publish / draw your Akairavess with other OC's or Species OC's in a comic / manga / story / book etc. Your Akairavess may only have friends and relationships within the species and not with other OCs / species OCs. Group pictures with all your OCs and Akairavess are allowed though.
  9.  Don't just change the design of your Akairavess. Write a message to Nadi or Veri if you want to change something big about your Akairavess. Of course, you can make small changes yourself.
  10. You can own a maximum of 5 Akairavess.
  11. You may like to create your future Akairavess, but this must kept private and may not be posted or shared anywhere. You can make your Akairavess official with a MYO slot someday. But until then, he remains private and unofficial. (Small exceptions for families possible, please read the FAQ!)

General rules:

  1. Be friendly! No insults!
  2. Please avoid posting NSFW content here on Facebook.
    These include sexual content as well as hardcore gore (organs etc.).
    Normal nude drawings can be censored and normal drawings with blood are allowed.
    You can post this NSFW content privately or on other sites (like deviantArt).
    However, if such content is posted, it will be deleted immediately.
  3. Have fun! <3

If you’ve read the rules, you automatically agree to them.

Violations of the rules may lead to warnings and restrictions.

Shortcuts / Meanings

  • MYO (Make your own)
    With a MYO, you have the permission to create your own Akairavess. However, the Akairavess must be approved before the publication of Nadi-chan or VeritasU.
  • Raffle
    Raffle, I don’t really have much to explain. You comment on what is given and take part in the raffle.
  • OTA (Offer to Adopt)
    If an Adoptable is given by OTA, you offers things the artist wants. E.g. Drawings, merchandise etc.! It is best to include his artist page / website / sample pictures so that the artist has a certain idea of how your works look like, that you are producing.
  • DTA (Draw to Adopt)
    For a DTA you have to draw the illustrated Adoptable, that you would like to have. In the normal case everything is allowed (sketch, full-color, halfbody, fullbody), but you should take a look in the description, if something is desired / specified!
  • CTA (Color to Adopt)
    A special form of the DTA is the CTA. Here you get the submission of an Adoptable by the artist and you have to give them matching colors! The artist then decides which color combination suits best.
  • WTA (Write to Adopt)
    For a WTA you have to write a story to match the Adoptable. There are usually a few guidelines which you have to adhere to, but in the normal case you have a free run when writing your story!
  • Auction
    If an Adoptable is auctioned, it means that you can bid on it until the deadline. The maximum bid wins at the end. Fun commandments are to be omitted!
  •  PTA (Pay to Adopt)
    Some Adoptables are assigned as PTA. This means they are sold for a fixed price.