Adoption Rules

  1.  The Akairavess are a closed species. This means that not everyone can just design an Akairavess. You can get Akairavess or Akairavess MYO (make-your-own) through various actions by Nadi-Chan and VeritasU on Facebook or deviantArt.
  2. You must mention Nadi-Chan and VeritasU at least once as creator of the species / design / adoptable. If you adopt an Akairavess from a guest designer, of course you mention them too!
  3. The adopted Akairavess belongs to you, but not the species / rights to the species! So don't give them out as your own !!
  4. If you don't want your Akairavess anymore, please contact the administrators, so that everything else can be discussed! Don't give it away without consent! The designers of the design are also informed and may express wishes for the new way of hand over.
  5. If you want to leave the group, you may take your Akairavess with you (whether MYO / or prefabricated design), but all important traits must be removed! (Which traits you'll hear from the administrators) So be sure to write to the admins before you just leave the group!
  6. You can do merchandise with your Akairavess, print and sell it. If you want to create a comic / manga with your Akairavess, please tell us in advance!
  7. You can't alienate your Akairavess from the species and publish / draw with other OC's or spcies OC's in a comic / manga / story / book etc. Your Akairavess can only have friends and relationships within the species and not with other OCs / species OCs. Group pictures with all your OCs and Akairavess are allowed though.
  8. Themes. You can design your Akairavess with a theme, mix themes or work without a theme. It is important that themes can be used multiple times!
  9. Changes of the design are only possible after consultation with Nadi-Chan or VeritasU. Small changes are easy to carry out. Traits (and their rarity) can NOT be changed easily. To change the traits, items can be bought from the shop.
  10. You can own a maximum of 10 Akairavess and 6 Ravess.
  11. The Clan Masters and other NPCs ... The Clan Masters act as kind of NPC and can be used freely for quests and drawings. HOWEVER, the rights to the Clan Masters are ALWAYS owned / maintained by Nadi-Chan and VeritasU. The printing of merchandise is not allowed (only for Nadi-Chan and VeritasU). The same goes for other NPC Akairavess in addition to the Clan Masters.
    (When you are working on a comic book project, you can talk to us about this point).
  12. You may like to sketch / plan your future Akairavess, but this must be kept private and may not be posted or shared anywhere. You can realize the Akairavess with a MYO at some point. But until then, it remains private and unofficial. (Small exceptions for families possible, please read the FAQ!)


General rules:


  1. Be friendly! No insults!
  2. Please avoid posting NSFW content on Facebook. These include sexual content as well as hardcore gore (organs etc.). Normal nude drawings can be censored and normal drawings with blood are allowed. You can post this content privately or on other sites (like deviantArt). However, if such content is posted, it will be deleted immediately.
  3. Have fun!


If you’ve read the rules, you agree automatically.
Violations of the rules can lead to warnings and restrictions.
Changes are reserved.


Shortcuts / Meanings


  • MYO (Make your own) - With an MYO you have the permission to create your own Akairavess. However, it must be approved before publication by Nadi-Chan or VeritasU.
  • Raffle - In raffles you usually write comments with certain code words and thus participate in the raffle. Raffles are drawn by means with online generators.
  • OTA (Offer to Adopt) - If an adoptable is given away as OTA, you offer things that the artist desires. For example, Drawings, merchandise etc.! When offering, it's best to include your artist page / website or examples. You should work off your OTA before joining another OTA.
  • DTA (Draw to Adopt) - For a DTA, you have to draw the displayed adoptable. Depending on the adoptable, there are different minimum requirements (full-color, sketch, halfboy, fullbody, etc.). The requirements are always in the article itself.
  • CTA (Color to Adopt) - A special form of the DTA is the CTA. Here you get the template of an Akairavess Adoptable from the artist and have to give it matching colors!
  • WTA (Write to Adopt) - For a WTA, you have to write a story that fits the adoptable. Mostly there are some guidelines that you have to follow, but normally you have free in writing your story!
  • AUCTION - If an adoptable is auctioned, it means you can bid on it until the deadline. The highest bid wins in the end. Fun bids are forbidden!
    After a certain period of time, an autobuy can be added, where you can immediately buy the adoptable for a fixed price.
  • PTA (Pay to Adopt) - Some adoptables are given away as PTA. This means they are sold for a fixed price.