Akaiva - School of Magical Arts

On the continent Aine Og, not far from the capital Benzai, lies Akaiva, the school of magic arts. Akairavesses of all ages can attend this school to learn how to control and use their magical abilities.
The school is voluntary, but almost every young Akairavess is a student at this school. After successfully completing the school, you can join a clan of your choice.



There are 3 different classes at the Akaiva school:



- Rartaria, the class for Akairavess with normal magical abilities. This class is known for its self-confidence and strength.
- Noricta, the class for Akairavess with rare magical abilities. This class is known for its loyalty and strong team spirit.
- Legartia, the class for Akairavess with legendary magical abilities. This class is known for their knowledge and helpfulness.



General information:


  • There is an extra wing for every single class. Within the week the Akairavess sleep there, at the weekend many return home. There is no obligation to live there, but it is more practical for many Akairavess.
  • Each teacher has his own classroom in which he teaches. Some subjects are set for certain Akairavess, others can be attended as you please, or you can use the free time to study for exams.
  • After successfully completing all compulsory quests, the Akairavess can take the final exam. After successful completion and a conversation with the gods, the Akairavess can then join a clan of their choice. Sometimes, the gods even suggest a suitable or preferred clan.
  • The school uniforms must be worn with every quest!


Required quests for completion

the School uniforms