Appearance and General

  • Akairavess always have a primary and a secondary color, which are visible on different parts of the body. The primary and secondary colors are always very bright and gaudy, but black is also possible.
  • Primary color: sclera, body drawings (rare), main part of the scarf, magic / halo, epic mutations, blood, (optional) mouth, tongue
  • Secondary Color: Iris, Body Color Gradient (legendary), Pattern on the Scarf, Epic Mutations
  • The skin of Akairavess is pitch black, gray gradations of light are of course possible. The Akairavess hairs are mostly dark and saturated hair colors, but with epic mutations an Akairavess can also have brighter and lighter hair colors.
  • Although the blood of the Akairavess occurs in the primary color of the Akairavess, the secondary color can also occur in the case of particularly severe injuries.
  • The outward appearance of the mouth of an Akairavess may seem repulsive at first. In most cases, a single fang grows from the upper lip across the lower lip, while in some cases the entire outer appearance of the lips are fangs. These Akairavess are often considered very aggressive, but there are also many quiet exceptions.
    The inside of the mouth (tongue, etc.) can be either normally colored or in the primary color of Akairavess. The dentition is quite normal.
  • Every Akairavess wears a scarf with which he identifies himself. The scarf supports the magical abilities of an Akairavess and keeps it alive, so the scarf should never be removed. The scarf can be any kind of shape and pattern, but only consist of the primary and secondary color of the Akairavess!
    The main part of the scarf is in the primary color and patterns / imprints in the secondary color of the Akairavess.
  • Akairavess have eyes only on one side of their face. Either a single eye or two eyes on top of each other. The other side of the face, where normally normal people would be a second eye, is covered with skin. Akairavess cover this side of their face with accessories or hair, as they feel comfortable with it. Rarely does an Akairavess present the naked side of his face.
    The sclera of the eyes is in the primary color and the iris in the secondary color, but in the eyes the colors can be exchanged.
  •  The tail of an Akairavess improves its stability. Akairavess with a legendary tail, for example, can balance on a thin silk thread, while normal Akairavess would fall down there or the thread would break.
    The tail of an Akairavess is always black but of course can be decorated with accessories. (Exception; epic animal tails)
  • Some Akairavess have body drawings. These have no effect on the Akairavess and are usually regarded as noble only. Some Akairavess suspect that Akairavess with body drawings directly descended from the gods and belong to the nobility. But these are just rumors.
    Rare body drawings are in the primary color and always sharp, without gradients. Legendary Gradients are in the secondary color, but you can add body drawings in primary color to the legendary gradients.




Akairavess wear a halo in their primary color above their head, which gives them magical abilities. The halo can have different shapes depending on the magical abilities. Thus, normal halo are round, rare halo embody a magic with a symbol and legendary halo consist of a round halo as well as the symbol of embodied magic. The halo can be normal or crooked on or over the head.
The type of magic is freely selectable, but should be discussed so that it doesn’t come to overwhelming and exaggerated magic.


  • Akairavess with normal magic can use the following magic: healing, invulnerability for a short time, body improvement for a short time (for example, leg improvement to be able to jump very high and far), teleportation and removing curses!
  • Akairavess with rare magic can use the following magic: The magic that embodies their halo. If the halo embodies e.g. a flame, this Akairavess can apply all kinds of flame magic.
  • Akairavess with legendary magic can use the following magic: All normal magic as well as their embodied magic. Akairavess with legendary magic are masters in their field and are extremely strong.­­­­




Some Akairavess are born with mutations. These are extremely rare and special! However, an Akairavess can only inherit features from one species / mythical creature and not from more! You can’t have more tails or ears than the animal itself has.

  • If an Akairavess has an animal tail, it replaces the normal tail.
  •  If an Akairavess has animal ears or horns, the normal ears remain! Horns and animal ears are possible at the same time!
  • The more horns an Akairavess has, the rarer and more special he is.
  • Epic mutations have no effect on the class of Akairavess.



  • Akairavess belong to different classes. These classes influence the occupations as well as the living situation of an Akairavess.
  • The rarities of the individual traits of an Akairavess decide its class.
  • Epic traits, however, don’t affect the class of Akairavess.
  1. Underclass consists mainly of normal traits.
  2. Middleclass consists of at least 2 rare traits or 1 legendary trait.
  3. Upperclass consists of at least 2 legendary traits.