Akairavess are shadowy magical creatures born of the great Akai materia.

Many centuries ago, the great Akai materia, a dark materia filled with tons of magic, was still in the center of the planet Amidan, today's planet of the Akairavess. Ever since its creation, the Akai materia has been feeding on the magical energy of the planet on a daily basis, growing to infinity until one day its massive size burst the planet into 7 parts, which now form the 7 continents of Amidan.

The first two Akairavess that broke out of the Akai materia shortly after the planet's collapse were the gods Yvel, the all-seeing God, and Nnari, the god of time manipulation.
Yvel and Nnari used their magical abilities to build a large tower for the Akai materia on which it could safely and consistently live. Thus, the Akai Tower was built, from where the gods supervised the future births of the Akairavess in the tower itself and outside the continent. When an Akairavess is born, the rings of the Akai materia shine in the primary and secondary colors of Akairavess.
Several months passed and there was already a lot of Akairavess offspring, whereupon Yvel and Nnari built a big city around the Akai Tower. Today's Benzai, the capital of Akairavess. The tower with the great Akai materia forms the center of the city and provides the whole city with energy. Shortly afterwards, Yvel and Nnari christened the city Aine Og and gave names to the seven continents.

With the advent of various Akairavess, the gods introduced a strict system that separates the individual classes. The upperclass forms with the Akai tower the center of the city. Around the upperclass lives the middleclass and further outside, the underclass.
Over time, some Akairavess also populated the other continents and build their cities where such a rigorous system as in Aine Og didn’t exist. Each class lived mixed with each other.


The years passed, the continents became more and more inhabited and Yvel and Nnari always watched their folk.


After a while, Yvel and Nnari appointed 7 striking Akairavess on each continent of Amidan's to Clan Masters, who were given the task of keeping an eye on their respective continents. They also built a clan building for more followers. Shortly thereafter, they created Akaiva, the school of magic arts on Aine Og on which young Akairavess can graduate and then join a clan.


The great Akai materia in the center of the city is not the only materia on the planet that can give birth to Akairavess. Irregularly little Akai materia appear on different continents and bring an Akairavess into the world. After birth, the little Akai materia disappears without a trace. Yvel's mission is to use his all-seeing magic to locate those newborn Akairavess of small Akai materia and bring them safely to Banzai, where they can grow up safe and sound. Of course, when they are old enough, they can move to a continent of their choice or stay in Banzai.
Sometimes, inhabitants of the continents are faster than Yvel and find the newborn Akairavess and then take them to their city.


Because the continents have been scattered because of the Akai materia, there is no firm connection between the individual continents. However, since each Akairavess has the magical ability of teleportation, the Akairavess travel with this ability from continent to continent. For rather clumsy or untalented Akairavess, teleportation centers have also been built, which can be visited and there they can be escorted by other Akairavess to the continents of their choice.