Akairavess are dark, shadowy, magical beings that come from the great Akai materia.

The great Akai materia existed many centuries ago still in the core of the planet Amidan, the present planet of the Akairavess. The Akai materia fed daily from the energy of the planet and grew further until their huge size one day broke the planet into 7 parts, which now form the 7 continents of Amidan.


The two first Akairavess who came from the Akai materia, after breaking out of the planet, were the gods Yvel and Nnari. Yvel is the all-seeing God and Nnari the god of time manipulation.


Yvel and Nnari built a large tower for the Akai materia, on which they could surely exist. The Akai Tower. From there they watched the future births of Akairavess. If an Akairavess is born, the rings of Akai materia shine in the primary color of the Akairavess.


They also created a large city around the tower with their magic: Benzai, the capital of Akairavess. The tower with the great Akai materia forms the center of the city and supplies the whole city with energy.

In addition, there is a strict system on Aine Og, the main continent of Amidan with the big capital, which separates the individual classes. The upperclass forms with the Akai tower the center of the city. Around it lives the middleclass and further outside lives the underclass. On other continents such a  strict system doesn't exist and all Akairavess of each class share the land together.


Over time, more and more Akairavess were born and the city slowly filled up. After a while, Yvel and Nnari also built Akaiva, the school of magic arts and small cities on the other continents of the planet, which are only poorly supplied for by the tower in the ceter of Banzai.
Each of these cities has its own clan with a clan master.

Akairavess cann't join a clan until they have graduated from the Akaiva School.
After a successful completion and a conversation with the gods, the Akairavess can then join a clan of their choice.


However, the great Akai materia isn't the only materia on the planet that can bear Akairavess.

Sometimes small Akai materia appear around the world. From these small Akai materia, only one Akairavess can be born. After the birth of the Akairavess from a small Akai materia, the materia disappears.


Yvel uses his all-seeing magic to bring all Akairavess born from small Akai materia to Banzai, where they can grow up safely and healthy.

After the newly born Akairavess are old and mature enough, they can move to a continent of their choice or stay in Banzai.

Each Akairavess has the magical ability of teleportation to travel from continent to continent.