There are many different occupations that Akairavess can perform. The occupations are devided into "standard occupations" and "special occupations". Standard occupations can be done by any Akairavess without an examination, while for the special occupations an examination with the gods must be completed. Not every class an learn every occupations.   


Occupations wihtout examination: 


  • Blacksmith (every class) 
  • Bakers (every class) 
  • Florist / Gardener (every class) 
  • Farmers (every class) 
  • Postman (every class) 
  • Hatter (every class)  
  • Fieldworkers (every class) 
  • Bookbinder (Middle, Upper) 
  • Fishermen (every class) 
  • Teacher (School, standard subjects such as math, english etc.) (Middle, Upper) 
  • Cook (every class) 
  • Port workers (every class) 
  • Architect (Middle, Upper)  
  • Tailor (Middle, Upper)  
  • Weapon traders (Middle, Upper) 
  • Carpenters (Middle, Upper) 
  • Miners (every class) 
  • Jeweler (Middle, Upper) 
  • Woodcutter (every class) 
  • Butcher (every class) 
  • Seller (every class)  


Occupations with examination: 


  • Doctor  (Middle, Upper)  
  • Solider/Warrior (every class) 
  • Ship captain (Middle, Upper) 
  • Astrologer, Geologist, Archaelogist (Middle, Upper) 
  • Engineer  (Middle, Upper) 
  • Master for (Upper): 
  •  > Magic
  •  > Enchantment
  •  > Exorcism
  •  > Herbalism
  •  > Alchemy
  •  > Inscriptions 
  • Officer  (Upper)
  • Corporal  (Middle)
  • Town guard  (every class) 
  • Ravess guard  (every class) 
  • Teacher (School, special subjects such as magic, combat, history) (Middle, Upper) 

Town Guard  Uniform

Your Akairavess would like to apply as a town guard? Fill out the following form and send it to me:

- In which area of the city would he work (under, middle or upperclass)
- What are its strengths?
- What weapon does he use to defend himself?