Ravess are the dark and yet faithful companions of Akairavess. Their traits are similar to the traits of their master, which they follow. They have the same magical abilities, same primary as well as secondary color and body drawings (If available) like their master. The Scarf, too, is the same as that of the Master.



Akairavess consider their Ravess as a livestock, companion or good friend. The education of a Ravess is relatively easy, since many Ravess are born proud and well educated, but there are also exceptions. In addition, the presence of a Ravess enhances the magical abilities of his Akairavess Master, which is why many Ravesses also join in fighting.



A Ravess is born when an Akairavess needs him most. Like the Akairavess, Ravess are born through the great Akai materia and the gods always make sure that the newly born Ravess comes to his Akairavess. Sometimes Ravess are also brought into the world by little Akai materias, without Masters. These are then free Ravess and they are distributed all over the planet and are sometimes caught and trained for the Akaiva school or clans.




Size of Ravess (From feet to head):


- Young Ravess are between 1.20 m - 1.70 m tall.
- Mature Ravess are between 2 m - 2.40 m tall.
- Ravess born on Sagar can grow up to 2,90 m!




Age of Ravess:


- Young: 0 - 20 years
- Grown up: 21 - 50 years