The 7 Clans of Amidan

On each of the seven continents of Amidan sits in the center of each city a large - magnificent building. Each of these buildings is decorated by a unique coat of arms. These are the 7 clans of Amidan.

After graduating from the Akaiva School, graduates can join a clan of their choice. Sometimes, however, the gods also help with the selection of a clan.
Most of the graduates move directly to the continent of their clan, but some also live in a different location.

Each clan has its own clanmaster.
These take care of their clans and provide the members with individual quests.
Teams can also be formed within the clans, but this is mostly voluntary. A team can have up to 4 members.

There are many different quests. Some quests even require teams, while others can be tackled on their own.

Each clan member wears the coat of arms of his clan on their clothes or on their skin.

The Clans

Araisa, Clan of the Cold

The clan "Araisa" is led by the cheerful Akairavess - Vara.
Above all, the clan relies on tactics and a strong defense. Due to the cold temperatures that Clan members face daily, the members are very hard-working and always open for hot meals. Most members also love exploring and, at the very least, do missions outside of their continent. 
In addition, they like to make new friends quickly.

Fiomey, Clan of Fire

The clan "Fiomey" is led by the hot headed Akairavess - Kamo.
Above all, the clan relies on a strong attack and speed.
The members of the clan are always turned up and always adventurous. Sometimes they also rush into dangerous situations, which may be an after-effect of the hot temperatures.

They love to play sports and train a lot for fights.

Ekebus, Clan of Light

The clan "Ekebus" is led by the spirited Akairavess - Asima.
Above all, the clan relies on tactics, attacks from the dark and a full stomach.
The members of this clan are more cautious and are more accurate about - how and where - they attack someone. Mostly, they also retire in dangerous situations to work out a new tactic. For all, it's especially important to fight with a full stomach.

In addition, they love the handling of plants of all kinds.

Anari, Clan of Size

The clan "Anari" is led by the voracious Akairavess - Samir.
Above all, the clan relies on strong defense and traps.
Members of this clan love exploring high places and warm temperatures. They often stay in higher areas and set up various traps to reach their destination. They are less interested in attacking and fighting. 
In addition, they love to take a nap often.

Rorey, Clan of Perdition

The clan "Rorey" is led by the shady Akairavess - Elarian.
Above all, the clan relies on sneaky attacks and quick completion of their missions. Most members are rather chaotic and love fighting and dealing with enemies. They like to fight with weapons or magic of all kinds. Also they like to fight with their own clan colleagues.

Most members are more active at night or prefer cold and dark areas.

Weira, Clan of the Sand

The clan "Weira" is led by the sensitive Akairavess - Nunon.
The clan relies mainly on ranged attacks and their Ravess.
The members of the Weira clan love to ride on a variety of Ravess and also usually draw with them in battles or missions. Often they attack more from a distance and avoid a direct fight with the opponent.
In addition, they are very curious and often mix themselves a variety of drinks.

Onagi, Clan of the Natural

The clan "Onagi" is led by the proud Akairavess - Onameria.
Above all, the clan relies on its magical abilities and a fair fight.
The members are rather proud and always want to solve everything fair and quiet. They are masters in dealing with magic and are fighting incredible fights with their magic.
In addition, they are total fans of stories and theories and read many books or even write their own.