the world

The planet of Akairavess is called Amidan. The planet consists of 7 continents, on each of which 7 cities are. The capital of Akairavess lies on the planet Aine Og and is called Benzai.

Each city also has a clan with a clan master and an own building for quests and other tasks!



  1. Astla, Continent of the light forest
    City: Leigar
    Ekebus, Clan of Light

  2. Sagar, Continent of the gigant plants
    City: Menar
    Anari, Clan of Size

  3. Vardar, Continent of the snowy canyon
    City: Gasara
    Araisa, Clan of the Cold

  4. Kvasio, Continent of the lava mountains
    City: Sioray
    Clan: Fiomey, Clan of Fire

  5. Elain, Continent of the swamp
    City: Keira
    Clan: Rorey, Clan of Perdition

  6. Aine Og, Continent of Benzai
    Haupstadt der Akairavess: Benzai
    Clan: Onagi, Clan of the Natural

  7. Nemia, Continent of the Desert
    City: Uran
    Clan: Weira, Clan of the Sand



Continent of the light forest
Population ~ 11 000
Clan Ekebus, Clan of Light
General Rather calm and careful inhabitants, many shops with rare herbs and healing potions
Astla is the continent of the light forest. On this continent, darkness prevails. You can't see from under the crowns of the trees whether it is day or night. If, however, the night approaches, many plants begin to shine in turquoise and white colors. A strong light source are mushrooms.
The plants that grow on this continent are very poisonous. If, however, one knows the correct handling with the plants, one can produce with these plants strong curing potions. If one is not aware of the use of these plants and the plants are used incorrectly, they can lead to paralysis, organ failure and, in the worst case, to death. Therefore the gods always advise, to not create potions with these plants without professional help. In the depths of the forest live many bird and deer creatures, whose feathers and patterns shine at night.



Continent of the gigant plants
Population ~ 21 000
Clan Anari, Clan of Size
General The inhabitants usually have an unusually large size, many Ravess live here

Sagar is the continent of the Giant Plants. The whole continent is overgrown with gigantic plants and herbs. Nobody knows exactly why the plants on this continent have grown so big. The animals on this continent, however, have kept their normal size. Akairavess like to go to this continent, because you can relax there well on the big mushrooms and from far up you can look well at the surrounding. In addition, many herbs for potions grow on this continent. However, since the herbs are inhuman size, it is usually hard to take them home. On this continent, the sky is always blue. Nobody knows why.




Continent of the snowy canyon
Population ~ 9 000
Clan Araisa, Clan of the Cold
General Few inhabitants as well as shops, many quests and travelers
Continent of the snowy canyon. Vardar is a very dangerous continent, similar to Kvasio. The entire continent is covered with a high snow layer and the dangerous canyons that exist on the continent are mostly covered. This makes the continents very dangerous. Already many Akairavess have fallen into the depths here and never returned. There are several Akairavess exploring the continents. These know exactly where the canyons are located. Therefore, most Akairavess travel only accompanied by such an Akairavess to Vardar.
The high, snow-capped mountains are also very dangerous, but once upstairs, the whole situation relaxes. The peaks of the mountains are calm, there is hardly any wind, it is pleasantly warm and you can see the entire continent from there.



Continent of the lava mountains
Population ~ 7 000
Clan Fiomey, Clan of Fire
General Few inhabitants because of the unbearable temperatures, many ores and other rocks can be found here

Kvasio is the second largest continent on Amidan. The Continent is overdrawn with lava and fire. However, animals also live here and plants thrive. Of course, only special kind of plants and animals which are used to the hot temperatures. They can live without water (there flows no water anyway). For Akairavess, it's a hard place to live due the hot temperatures and the few food choices. So this place is mostly used to explore the animals and plants that live there.


Continent of the swamp
Population ~ 25 000
Clan Rorey, Clan of Perdition
General Many shops and tourists as well as hot springs, inhabitants are always in high spirits, a lot of exotic food

Elain the Continent of the Swamp. Elain is a popular continent for the Akairavess. As funny as it sounds, but there are many hot springs on this continent that contain a mixture of swamp and clear water. These hot springs cure injuries and relax the body. Some Akairavess have built their businesses there and sell accessions, potions and swampwater. Since many Akairavess are on their way to the hot springs, this is the perfect location for business. Outside the hot springs there is also a dangerous swamp landscape, in which many already have died. Most of the Akairavess, of course, avoid this landscape, but only a few are aware of the rare treasures, and special herbs that lie in wait there.

aine og

Aine Og
Continent of Benzai
Population ~ 40 000
Clan Onagi, Clan of the Natural
General Capital of Akairavess, many inhabitants as well as shops, Akaiva the magic school is located here

Aine Og is the largest continent on Amidan. Here is also the capital of the Akairavess, Benzai, as well as the School of Magical Arts, Akaiva. The capital as well as the school occupies more than half of the continent. The rest of the continent is covered with ordinary plants and trees, and hardly any animal lives here. There are several lakes on this continent, from which always flows a small river, which flows to the edge of the continent. From here, the river flows over the edge into the depth. The lakes have an infinite source of water so they don't dry out!


Aine Og has a strict system that separates the individual classes. The upperclass forms with the Akai tower the center of the city. Around it lives the middleclass and further outside lives the underclass. On other continents such a strict system doesn't exist and all Akairavess of each class share the land together.


Continent of the Desert
Population ~ 12 000
Clan Weira, Clan of the Sand
General Much exotic food as well as medicinal herbs and potions, many treasures, careful and quiet inhabitants

Nemia is the continent of the desert. A gigantic desert stretches all over the continent, covered with ruins of old buildings. No one knows if perhaps one of these buildings still exists among the huge sand hills. During the day, it can become hot up to 50 ° C, while it cools down to -10 ° C at night. Survival is very difficult for individual Akairavess in the desert. Because of the strong temperature fluctuations, on the other hand because of the many illusions that the desert creates. Many get lost in the desert and never get out again.